Did you know that the monsoon season in southern Arizona is from June 15 to September 15?  

A typical monsoon will start with winds that kick up late in the afternoon and the rumble of thunder in the distance.  As the storm blows in the winds increase and there is thunder, lightning and downpours. The storms are intense and rainfall spotty falling in different areas at different rates.  

You will find more information about what causes monsoons by clicking on the following link.  https://www.climas.arizona.edu/sw-climate/monsoon

Speaking of monsoons and lightning, hear is a little fact; the Tucson Arizona area averages 600,000 lightning strikes per year! Imagine what a grand display that is!

The University of Arizona published a fact sheet on lightning that is kind of fun.  Please click on the link to view it.  https://cals.arizona.edu/backyards/sites/cals.arizona.edu.backyards/files/p16.pdf